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Custom integration license

Are you looking for a custom CSV or XML import wich will synchronize daily with always up to date prices and stocks?
We will provide our custom integration solution to import all products from any CSV or XML feed to your Magento webshop.

Please contact us at [email protected] for ANY custom datafeed integration.
NOTE: In order to make an accurate and fast quotation, please provide us with any available integration docs and data-access to the feeds as well.
Thank you.

Partner Integrators license

All customers can freely upgrade to an integrators  license.

This means you can use our integrations (e.g. Pixmania, Ingram, Nedis) for your e-commerce projects or for your own customers.
Web Agencies, Consultants or other integrators can highly benefit from our platform.

Upcoming extended integrators license

  • Universal Mapper functionality
  • Input CSV, XML from external sources.
  • Define own markups, input columns.
  • Conversions